Fenix Mini vaporizer review


If you’re looking for a cheap dry herb vaporizer that produces satisfying amounts of vapor, this device might be good for you. It costs less than 70 pounds and uses convection heating to extract cannabinoids and terpenes. Read the Fenix Mini review to learn the advantages of this popular portable inhaler.

Fenix Mini review

Fenix Mini is a portable dry herb vaporizer manufactured in China by Weecke. It is a small, lightweight dry herb vaporizer with a built-in battery. It features a stainless steel chamber and a heating element. The device has precise temperature settings and an OLED screen. It is simple to use and easy to clean. It is a great choice for beginners and people looking for a discreet and affordable device.

How Fenix Mini works?

Fenix Mini uses convection heating to extract herbal ingredients. The heating element is separated from the chamber and it warms up the air only when you inhale. When hot air passes through the chamber, it raises the temperature of cannabinoids to the boiling point. All the active ingredients evaporate and mix with inhaled air. According to the experts opinion on convection vaporizers, this method of heating is much more efficient, than conduction. It guarantees even extraction of the botanical, high quality of vapor and you can use it on demand.

How to use Fenix Mini?

Fenix Mini is an easy to use portable vaporizer. First thing you need to do is pack ground botanical into the herb chamber. You turn on the device by clicking power button five times. It heats up automatically to previously chosen temperature level. You can set temperature between 160°C and 221°C by pressing +/- buttons. Fenix Mini warms up in less than 30 seconds. When the heating system reaches desired temperature (you can check it on the OLED display), you can start inhaling. For best effects take long, slow and steady draws. The airflow is high, so you can vape comfortably. In case you forget to turn it off after a session, it has automatic 4 minutes auto-shut off system.

What can I vape using Fenix Mini?

Fenix Mini is good for vaporizing cannabis and CBD flowers. It works well with herbs that require similar to weed vaporization temperatures. It has additional quartz concentrate container for vaping wax and oil, but this accessory is worthless – it won’t produce any vapor. This is not a dab pen. It’s a convection vaporizer, so it’s better to stick to pure botanical.


Fenix Mini is a budget portable vaporizer from Weecke. It is hard to compare it to high-quality devices like Mighty or Firefly. The manufacturer didn’t use medical grade materials, but it meets European safety standards. The air path is separated from the electronics, so there’s no need to worry. Vapor is clean and free from hazardous substances.


Let’s get to the most important part of our Fenix Mini Review. What impressions does it provide? Vapor is satisfyingly visible and smooth. Despite the short mouthpiece, it cools the clouds quite well. Taste of steam is ok – it’s far from the purity of aroma you can get using Arizer glass mouthpieces, but it is good enough. If you want to make it better, you can buy a bubbler or a simple glass mouthpiece dedicated to Weecke vaporizers. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and it’s really hard to break it. Fenix Mini is just foolproof. The battery life is not bad. 1600 mAh capacity is big enough to run the divide up to 90 minutes. You can charge it with a standard microUSB – USB cable. The ease of use, good performance, satisfying flavor and compact size makes the Fenix Mini a perfect choice for those who want to start using dry herb vaporizers.

Where to buy Fenix Mini?

Not every vape shop in UK is selling Weecke inhalers, but a quick google research will show you websites where you can get it. If you want to make a good deal, you can also check other markets. Fenix Mini is the most popular vaping device in Poland and the prices are low out there. You probably won’t get a free shipping, but right now polish currency faces huge inflation, so you can buy a decent vaporizer for a good price! Check out stores like vaporroom.pl and other sellers that provide abroad shipping and quick Revolut or PayPal payment methods.