Places to prevent Obtaining a Medicinal Marijuana Authorization


By May 20th, 2011, your day this information is being written, there’s a numerous selections for patients to select from, with regards to selecting a clinic to have their Medicinal Marijuana Authorization in Washington Condition. Here are TWO places where patients should don’t get their authorizations.


1. Dispensaries, or anywhere that creates or grows medicinal cannabis.

This almost appears like good sense, however, many dispensaries (that are illegal anyway) are supplying authorizations by contracting a physician to get results for them during specific days and hrs.

Why must this be prevented? For just one, many dispensaries are starting to show lower authorizations which were acquired through dispensaries. Next, there’s current legislature which will soon make this sort of activity (supplying authorizations inside a dispensary atmosphere) illegal. Here’s an excerpt from Senate Bill 5073 (presently in Washington Condition Senate by May 20th, 2011):

[Lines 11-13, Page 11] “A doctor shall not […] Examine or offer to look at someone for purpose of diagnosing a terminal or debilitating medical problem in a location where cannabis is created, processed, or distributed”

Although this is not current law, it’s still vital that you avoid coping with dispensaries (illegal). Dispensaries are unlikely to ensure you like a patient, because they do not file or store any medical records or patient files, or not have the medical infrastructure or staff that could provide that service. As the physician which was contracted for everyone you might be able to file your record and verify for you personally, it’s unlikely they’ll, or at best a danger can there be.

2. “Clinics” which exist for that sole reason for providing authorizations.

This is often hard to gauge. But, a great test is to find out if the physician the thing is for the medicinal marijuana evaluation, may also help you for other health problems, just like a flu, a chilly, or other condition. Book your doctor’s credentials could they be an MD? Could they be licensed? Anybody can put on a robe and run a surgical procedure from a rented work place. You should see if their practice is legitimate.

Furthermore, these clinics will quickly be eliminated too. Another excerpt from Senate Bill 5073:

[Lines 14-15, Page 11] “A doctor shall not […] Possess a business or practice which consists exclusively of authorizing the medical utilization of cannabis”

Conclusion: Why must we avoid these clinics NOW?

These “operations” for a moment, aren’t employed in a person’s interest. Exactly how should we tell? Well, they clearly aren’t monitoring condition legislature and also the altering laws and regulations. If they’re not monitoring them now, what signifies they’ll monitor them later? Could they be positively making certain their compliance to legislature now and preparing themselves for that coming changes that are just a little more than a year away?

Could they be positively talking to with patients and answering questions regarding what the law states they may have? Or could they be happily going along and profiting when they can? A great way to gauge a clinic, is if they’re compliant to SB5073 NOW. Could they be still offering multi-year or lifetime authorizations? Are their doctors also supplying alternative packages or choices to medicinal cannabis? That is another future alternation in law that’ll be essential.

Who must i choose?

Presently, our clinic in Redmond, WA is among couple of clinics that are operating in strict compliance with SB5073. Actually, we encourage all patients to test our alternative plans for treatment. We only provide 1-year or fewer authorizations, as well as enforce recurring visits all year round. We establish care with this patients and be their primary health care providers, to make sure their safety for future altering legislature.