DIY E-liquid Making Ideas- Can They Prove Useful for You?


People who vape often and get acquainted with the flavors commonly available in the market. You may feel the same if you are vaping for some time.

There are various vape liquids and vape juice available online for ordering. You can try your hand at these to experience a change from the regular flavors. The term e-liquid gets interchangeably used for vape liquid and vape juice.

If you are still looking to add zing to your experience, you can learn the art of e-liquid making. However, you should note that such an experience can either be very rewarding or frustrating. It greatly depends on the kind of knowledge that you possess about the process.

Elements to Start With

To start your experimentation with e-liquid making, you should have a set of tools and ingredients. Although the e-liquid making process involves basic chemistry, and you should not expect any blowups, precaution is always advisable.

You can start the process with five ingredients. They are propylene glycol, vodka or distilled water, vegetable glycerin, e-juice flavor extract, and diluted nicotine. You can also try making a mix without vodka and nicotine, but make sure that the flavoring and PG/VG base are there.

One of the most preferred bases used by the vapers is propylene glycol. This colorless and odorless organic chemical has a nod by FDA and is in use in products like tobacco, foods, and many more.

A viscous liquid with a sweet tinge comes from the naturally extracted vegetable glycerin. Although propylene glycol or PG does not hinder much with the e-liquid, vegetable glycerin or VG has a negative or positive impact. 

There are several varieties of flavoring available in the market. However, you should be careful while selecting the flavor and avoid using food flavorings. You should make sure to read the details mentioned on the labels of the particular flavor before shortlisting it. It will allow you to understand the impact of the chosen flavor on the entire mix.

Tools Needed

The presence of a few essential mixing supplies can help you to have a great experience while creating your desired e-liquid. You can use empty plastic bottles with childproof caps, face shields or goggles, napkins or tissue paper, syringes, and a pair of working gloves.

It often happens that beginners miss utilitarian plastic bottles. It can be a crucial investment to begin your e-liquid creation process. Such an act ensures that you have access to a clean bottle every time you plan to make e-liquid. If you plan to choose any other bottle of a different make or large bottle, it can be difficult to clean.

Ensuring proper measurements is the key to developing a great mix. Therefore, choosing to allocate a syringe for every ingredient can be very useful. Make it a point to label each one of the syringes for a specific ingredient.

Bottles with small openings are handy. You can choose to have goggles and a pair of gloves, which can give your eyes and skin much-needed protection from the nicotine juice.

The Process

Once you have all the supplies and ingredients in place, the next step involves measuring them. You can take the help of a calculator to gauge the various vape fluid measurements. For example, it can include nicotine strength, the viscosity of the PG or VG, the desired volume, VG and PG ratio, etc.

The next step involves the creation of the base mixture. You can use syringes to extract the exact amount of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and add them to the bottle you are using. The next step marks the initiation of the experimentation. Here, you need to take a call on the intensity of the flavor. As a thumb rule, you should remember 5% concentrates lead to subtle flavor, and 20% is the upper ceiling.

Once you have all the ingredients, as per the desired quantity and strength in the bottle, you should stir them well to get a uniform mix. With the help of a new syringe, you can transfer the e-liquid to a new bottle for storage. In the final step, also known as steeping, you need to let the vape juice breathe to get a darker color and powerful flavor. You can achieve this by placing the vape juice bottles in cold and dark areas without the lids.

So, now you can start your experimentation with your desired flavor, nicotine level, and bases for your e-liquid. Although the process of making any e-liquid may seem to be a bit lengthy, if done patiently, it can fetch you great results.