Benefits of Hydrocarbon Extraction


If you’re looking to get into the Cannabis market, it’s good to use hydrocarbon extraction (BHO) as a concentration method to get the most out of the plant. Producers will love the aroma, flavor, and versatility this method allows you to do for your extractions. Here are some of the benefits of hydrocarbon extraction.

Wider-Range Extraction

If you’re into Colorado Extraction or another method, BHO allows you to get more out of the cannabis plant than any other solvent. When you use butane and propane, the chemical properties and low boiling points are perfect for stripping the cannabis plant of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids without all of the harsh repercussions like other oils.

Butane has a low boiling point of 31.1 degrees Fahrenheit to help you preserve the aromatic terpenes. Also, cold-boiling the residual solvent from the butane-derived oil can lower the risk of burning off the violate terpenes. For people that enjoy the medicinal properties of cannabis, the lower temperatures help keep those elements intact.

Having the full-spectrum extract gives a more therapeutic effect as well.

Can Produce a Higher Volume

Instead of spending all day at a machine gleaning as much as you can, BHO helps streamline the process. Some closed-loop equipment can provide a better return on investment by speeding up the extraction. Butane allows you to get more quality stuff out of fewer runs.

Post-processing can make your product shelf-ready in no time. Also, if you get an automated extraction, that means you don’t need to adjust the parameters to expand your product line. If you have technicians, you’ll spend less time training them and focusing on extracting more pure hash oil.

You can check up on the automated recipe every once in a while to ensure everything goes smoothly. Technicians won’t have to worry about poring over technical manuals, and the BHO will cut down the bulky operation while keeping production high.

Reduces Post-Processing

Cannabis extraction is a delicate process, which requires upfront costs for equipment and space. Not to mention, you need patience.

However, BHO reduces the need for large equipment and time to help you get something shelf-ready for your clientele. As a result, you’ll cut costs using this solvent because you don’t need things, such as a winterization freezer or rotary evaporator like other ones.

Hydrocarbon extraction produces a purer hash oil to keep all the good things intact and remove chlorophyll and other undesirable elements.