Vaping: the perfect way to stop smoking


It can be hard to admit that your smoking habit is a problem, but once you’ve admitted this, quitting might be a lot easier. Fully stopping is very hard, but vaping is a great solution. In this blog we want to tell you more about the vape: what is it and how does it work?

What is a vape?

A vape is an electronic cigarette. By vaping, you get the same smoking experience as a regular cigarette, however the options are far less limited. The addictive part of a cigarette is nicotine; if you choose to vape, you don’t have to add nicotine. This makes it was easier to quit, as you tackle your addiction early on in your quitting process.

Vapes offer a lot of different opportunities. This is mainly due to the e-liquid: an essential part of the vape. The e-liquid allows you to mix flavours, but also allows you to have full control over the amount of nicotine you’ll be smoking.

Why use a vape?

For many smokers, vaping is seen as a worse form of smoking. This is because not many people know the advantages of a vape. We would like to name some:

  • Cigarettes are very expensive. Especially if you’re a big smoker, you could see of lot of fixed costs every week. By buying a vape, you only have to pay for new e-liquid every once in a while. This is a lot cheaper than buying a new pack of cigarettes every week.
  • Smoking cigarettes can be very dangerous, as there are many risks attached to it. With vaping, these risks are far less likely to happen, as the smoking process in a vape doesn’t involve the dangerous parts of a cigarette.
  • More variation. If you smoke cigarettes, there’s only one flavour available. This isn’t the case with vapes, as you can combine a lot of different flavours with the e-liquid. Online, you can find many fruit flavours, but you can also choose for a Rich Hemp Oil for your vape, which helps to relax and of course brings a nice taste.

Rich Hemp Oil

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